A collection to celebrate my fifth year in Việt Nam where I came to learn traditional handembroidery and discover a new culture that I fell in love with. An ode to this matriarchal country full of history and poetry...
Inspired by the legendary movie GREASE, the new collection get into a fifties mood with a plenty of pink, some glitters and some grease of course! Ready to make your September shine? Go!
A lovely collaboration with LINE.ART, a French talented illustrator... Our collection is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Tropics with a fiery color palette and bold designs to make your summer hotter!
Inspired by the traditional indian embroideries but also by the colorful, precious and romantic mood of Bollywood's love stories ... Welcome to the Bollywood Road collection !
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Mange Tes Paillettes aims to make your unique identity sparkles with matchless, handmade embroideries. Made on order with love, patience and passion, only for you.

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