All the brooches are handembroidered with love and patience to let you bring a little precious and colorful touch to your outfits in a unique way... Choose yours!

Dreamy Cloud - Handmade Brooch

The cloud is one of the major element of asian art ... Maybe because this part of the world has the most poetic ones, always full of colors and dreams.

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 8 x 3 cm

The Clement - Handmade Brooch

Very often seen in traditional paintings, embroideries and many other kind of asian arts, the crane bird represents the nobless, the fidelity, the eternity and the clemency.

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 6,5 x 7 cm

Hoi An - Handmade Brooch

A colorful asian lantern to represent Hoi An city as known as the Lantern City.

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 4,5 x 10 cm

The Protector - Handmade Brooch

This bold brooch is made in honor of the strong and powerful women who protect and decide the best for their beloved.

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 7,5 x 5,5 cm

Frenchy - Handmade Brooch

This bold and glittery brooch is directly inspired by Frenchy, the emblematic sweet badass from the Pink Ladies !
Made of round and tube beads, cotton threads, glittery faux leathers, pink polyester fabric and gold pink smooth purl.

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 6 x 8 cm

Banana Split - Handmade Brooch

For the greediests, the Banana Split brooch will bring a sweet touch of color to your looks!

Made on order, with love and patience.

Size : 7 x 7,5 cm

Hidden Nahash - Handmade Brooch

Hidden Nahash brooch is our second signature piece. He's made of warm cotton thead colors for the snake body... hidden behind magenta sequined and beaded orchid flowers.

Size : 6 x 10 cm

Benjy - Handmade Brooch

Our sweet cockatoo handmade brooch is made of sequins, beads, gems and also different colors of cotton thread. Benjy is one of our signature piece.

Size : 6,5 x 10cm

Chilies Cry Too - Handmade Brooch

A little spiced touch on your garments with the Chilies Cry Too brooch made of red, white, green cotton threads and a drop of a red rhinestone. The contouring is made of smooth purl in gold.

Size : 5 x 1,5 cm

Bollywood's Garden - Handmade Brooch

Dare the kytsch and wear the Bollywood Garden brooch! This special accessory is made of flowery sequins, white pearls but also gold, light pink, sapphire blue and fuchsia rhinestones. The leafs are made of fuchsia, light blue and gold long-&-short stiches, finished by a line of dark silver beads.

Size : 7 x 3,5 cm

Hungry Squirrel - Handmade Brooch

7.5 x 6 cm

Handmade with :
-3 tons of brown, black and white coton threads
-transparent white, transparent brown, purple glittered, gold and mauve sequins

The Gold Crest - Handmade Brooch

6,5 x 6 cm

Handmade with :
-yellow, pink, green, orange, mauve, white and black cotton threads
-gold sequins
-black, pink and gold beads

Poet's Bouquet - Handmade Brooch

5,5 x 3 cm

Handmade with :
-gold rhinestones
-pink sequins
-pink, purple, orange and gold beads
-turquoise cotton thread

The Flamboyant - Handmade Brooch

7 x 5 cm

Handmade with :
-turquoise, green, pink, orange, mauve and yellow cotton threads
-green sequins
-gold beads

Hungry Snail - Handmade Brooch

5 x 2,5 cm

Handmade with :
-glittered purple, cream and mauve sequins
-black, green, orange and gold beads

Shiny Umbrella - Handmade Brooch

5 x 5 cm

Handmade with :
-glittered silver and blue sequins
-blue, white, pink, green, orange and red beads

Thunder - Handmade Brooch

5,5 x 6 cm

Handmade with :
-silver, white and blue sequins
-white beads

Rainbow Cloud - Handmade Brooch

6 x 4,5

Handmade with :
-white, blue, pink, green, orange and red beads
-small white tubes


A collection to celebrate my fifth year in Việt Nam where I came to learn traditional handembroidery and discover a new culture that I fell in love with. An ode to this matriarchal country full of history and poetry...
Inspired by the legendary movie GREASE, the new collection get into a fifties mood with a plenty of pink, some glitters and some grease of course! Ready to make your September shine? Go!
A lovely collaboration with LINE.ART, a French talented illustrator... Our collection is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Tropics with a fiery color palette and bold designs to make your summer hotter!
Inspired by the traditional indian embroideries but also by the colorful, precious and romantic mood of Bollywood's love stories ... Welcome to the Bollywood Road collection !